Modern Investment

  • In modern entrepreneurship, “funding” is mentioned so often that it almost seems like a required step in the process. New companies, particularly companies that are developing brand-new products, often don’t have customers or revenues when they start. These startups need money for product development, and to support the company’s operations until revenues (sales) pay the bills. Often, the more innovative the product, the longer it will take to develop, or to reach a large market. So a new company needs money to develop and survive during this innovation startup period. Modern investment is becoming easier and easier in times of the Internet and many new forms of investment. However, the criteria are not clearly defined, so that you should first determine individually what “modern investment” means and what not. A definition is possible for example according to the plant form or also the plant goal and/or the plant partner, in order to call only some examples. Fact is that modern invest usually clearly higher net yields makes possible, than a classical investment of funds with a bank. Savings book, time deposits and Co. have served their time for many years and offer only minimal interest, with which not even an inflation compensation can be obtained. Modern investing nowadays means the willingness to take a little more risk but also the anticipation of significantly more profit.